The Auckland Theosophical Centre put together various types of events which you can view below by click on the appropriate icon below.

Most events are complimentary, although a small donation to help covers costs is always appreciated. The Yoga sessions on Tuesday evenings does have a small charge associated with it which the tutor will inform you of at the meeting.

We welcome new people to come along to our Monday evening events. These evenings are an opportunity to gain some understanding of what the Theosophical Society is and the areas we explore.


Public Events

Theosophical Centre
HPB Lodge, Auckland
4 Warborough Avenue, Epsom

June 2020
Date Time Subject
Monday 22 7.30pm Theosophy Discussion Series (1)
2020 – Welcome back
Sunday 28 7.00 - 7.45pm Meditation and Healing evening
Monday 29 7.30pm Theosophy Discussion Series (2)
Theosophy’s message of Hope

July 2020
Date Time Subject
Sunday 05 7.00 to 7.45pm Meditation and Healing evening
Monday 06 Break
Saturday 11 10 - 12 noon Saturday morning discussion group
Thought Forms and How They Affect Us
Sunday 12 7.00 to 7.45pm Meditation and Healing Evening
Monday 13 7.30pm Theosophy Discussion Series (3)
Making sense of an entangled world
Sunday 19 7.00 to 7.45pm Meditation and Healing Evening
Monday 20 7.30pm Theosophy Discussion Series (4)
Meditation ~ the key to moving ahead
Sunday 26 7.00 to 7.45pm Meditation and Healing Evening
Monday 27 7.30pm Theosophy Discussion Series (5)
Be Still, Be Present & Breath

August 2020
Date Time Subject
Sunday 02 7.00 to 7.45pm Break
Monday 03 Break

Members Events

There is a monthly programme for members of the Theosophical Society, generally on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm.

We welcome members to these events allowing us to get to know each other along with being able to explore Theosophy at a deeper level together.

A light supper follows these meetings. Bring along a plate to share with others.

Members Meeting 2020
Date Time Subject
Wednesday 22 July 7.30pm No members event this month


Occasionally we do hosts seminars or workshops allowing participants to explore more deeply, in a practical way, some of the processes we discuss in our meeting. For Theosophy to be useful in our lives, then it is necessary to make it a living experience every single day.

Below are some planned events coming up.

National Events

October 2020
Date Time Subject
Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October 2020 7.30pm Theosophical Immersion Weekend
Interested in exploring Theosophy at a deeper level?
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