know Thyself Prograamme


Structure              Four [4] weekends: 4 x 7 sessions  - Friday evening 7.30 p.m. to Sunday noon

                            February 21-23, April 25-27, June 6-8, November 21-23, 2014

Venue:                  HPB Lodge, Auckland


Background and Orientation

  • The Program ‘Know Thyself - Be Thyself” will be based on the work that has been previously introduced to HPB Lodge, ideas in the TheoSophia article ‘Working with Theosophy – An Educational Adventure’, and the 2014 NZTS Convention Address ‘Our Potential for Change – New Mind for a New World’


  • It will be a fresh approach to working with the Ancient Wisdom – using tools from education and psychology – to respond to Life questions: “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? What is the purpose of my life on Earth? How can I live my life to more effectively achieve my purpose?”


  • It will be designed for those members for whom theosophical ‘spiritual truths or ’eternal verities’have resonated at an inner level as truths to explore more deeply - and to live as ‘their way of living’ with new patterns of thinking  - ‘thoughts create our reality’


  • As a foundation program, it will have the potential for participants to work towards growing theosophy as a living power in their lives 



  • It will emphasise genuine inquiry and use of relevant primary source material from theosophical literature. It will include teachings of the Christ, the Buddha and other great teachers where relevant


  • Its methods and focus will be designed to support participants who choose to take the path of ‘living their truth’ as aligned with the Wisdom teachings, by working to remove blockages of the Desire Mind.


  • Insights from the field of psychology will play a major role in the exploration of the theme “Know Thyself” in the context of the present personality and in changing ways of thinking and acting


  • It will develop action research strategies for participants to use in self-study. Contemplation and meditation will also serve as methods of illumination and strengthening the inner hidden reality and identity.


  • It will encourage participant feedback and sharing of experiences in the classroom as a method of learning as well as for building mutually supportive relationships on a journey that is essentially unique and individual – a journey that has no road map and only a few signposts.


  • The design of weekend classes spaced over the year will allow for both inquiry, experiment and action research between weekends to apply and test ideas to share with other participants.



Individual Weekend Programs

Weekends 1 and 2 will focus on laying the foundations for understanding two different ways of living or being – the theosophical or spiritual way that is built around who we truly are [Weekend 1] and the materialist ‘one lifetime’ way, built around of the programmed personality and emotions

Weekends 3 and 4 will focus on the processes of changing old patterns of thinking – expanding consciousness to become whom we already are - ‘spiritual entities - presently in a human vehicle’.