TheosoFest 2015

Sunday 08 March 10.00am - 4.00pm

Come and join us for a relaxing day of activities at the Auckland Theosophical Centre.  From 10am through to 4pm we have a variety of events scheduled; short talks during the day, great food and beverages provided by Blue Bird Cafe, a variety of stalls and other activities.   See our website for more details.

A good time to come and meet other members and see what is going to be happening at HPB Lodge during the year.

Make a day of it! Browse exhibits and some vendor booths, experience yoga or meditation, sample tasty vegetarian food, visit the Book Shop,m explore the Geoffrey Hodson Library; have a cup of tea/coffee on the patio or meditate in nature.  Look forward to seeing you at our special event.

The Tale of Er

We were fortunate to have Dr. Ann Kerwin share with us the Tale of Er, the last chapter or Plato's Republic.  An often skipped chapter however one full of richness, especially for the theosophical explorer and students.

Below is a video of Dr Ann Kerwin's session which runs for 58 minutes.