Tim Boyd shares Elements of Spiritual Practice at HPB Lodge

Tom Boyd, the National President of Theosophical Society in USA talked at HPB Lodge on 12 January 2012 on Elements of Spiritual Practice. A balanced approach to the spiritual life involves a process of constant refinement. The freedom of an effortless awareness seems to require an evolving discipline, in the beginning, middle and end. We will examine the theoretical underpinnings of a spiritual practice and its practical elements. Our goal is to develop an effective, ongoing practice that can be an aid to us in all of the situations we face in life. Below are some clips from Tim's talk

Part 1 - What is a Spiritial Practice - [6 minutes]

The Process of Self-Transformation

The Self-Transformation Program is a comprehensive process of personal and spiritual growth, based on the theosophical framework that aims to help individuals to:

  • Review one’s understanding of realityThe Process of Self Transformation
  • Clarify one’s core and personal values
  • Learn self-awareness
  • Eliminate recurring emotional distress in one’s life, such as fear, depression, anger, phobias, stress, trauma, hurt, etc.
  • Be effective in one’s interpersonal relationship through genuine listening and effective communication
  • Be free of unwanted conditionings
  • See beyond the surface appearance of things and events
  • Strengthen the higher self and control the lower self
  • Learn the art of meditation
  • Systematically pursue the path of the spiritual life