TheosoFest – Sunday March 3

Open Day- All Welcome.
Sunday 3rd March
10am to 4pm

TheosoFEST is a festival designed to celebrate the wisdom of the ages, the unity of all life, and spiritual self-transformation. Enjoy presentations and activities exploring Theosophy, comparative Religions, Western esotericism, meditative practices, and much more!

There will be talks in the Library

OPEN DAY Program
10:00 Why Spirituality Isn’t Going to Go Away Murray Stentiford
11.00 TOS – update plus relaxation meditation Renee Sell
12:00 Vari, The Hunter: Story of a Siddha Ian Rutherford
13:00 The many faces of Mind John Vorstermans
14:00  The importance of character Richard Sell
15:00 Guest Speaker from Australia Dianne Kynaston
15:30 Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Renee Sell
 14:45  Standing Yoga under the Rimu Tree  Amanda

Vegetarian Society Stand

Vegetarian Society Stand 2012

There will be stalls:

  • Ayurveda
  • Homeopathy
  • Crystals
  • Numerology
  • Vegetarian Society
  • Theosophical Order of Service
  • Theosophy

Great food provided by the BlueBird Cafe.

Renee Sell TOS

TOS Stand 2012

Make a day of it!  Browse exhibits and some vendor booths, experience yoga or meditation, sample tasty vegetarian food, visit the Book Shop, explore the Geoffrey Hodson Library; have a cup of tea/coffee on the patio or meditate in nature.  Look forward to seeing you at our special event :)

4 Warborough Ave,