The Living Theosophy Series

Foundations Programme

Through theosophical study and practice, you come to explore the fundamental questions of life; - Who am I? Why am I here? What is my Purpose? Where am I going? Understanding some of the questions gives our life a context few people have, helping us to understand why the world is as it is, and open our understanding of reality to a far greater vision.

In the Introductory Course to Theosophy you can join others on this path of discovery. In a very practical way you will find that theosophy can help to simplify, clarify, and enrich your perspective of life and self awareness.

The Introductory Course Covers All Of The Following:

  • The Roadmap of Self discovery and the practical steps to get there.
  • Knowledge of the Self - Who am I, Where am I going, What is my purpose?
  • Understanding the importance of experience in respect to information and knowledge.
  • The importance of living in tune with reality.
  • Fields of Awareness - Living in the Present.
  • Tuning in with the Universal Energy Systems.
  • The Power of our thoughts and intentions.
  • The necessity of being human and authentic.
  • Living in tune with the Universal Consciousness
  • Understanding the mystery of life and death.
  • Our threefold energy system.
  • The advice of those who have travelled this road before us.
  • The importance of keeping an open mind and of verifying knowledge.
  • Unity in diversity - understanding that which connects us and why we struggle with diversity.
  • The desire which propels us to want to know as we search for Truth.
Introduction:   Thursday 19 March at 7.30 pm
Course Commences:  Thursday 26 March at 730 pm
Venue:   Theosophical Society, 4 Warborough Ave, Epsom Auckland

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