The Legacy of Diotima of Mantinea

Monday 9th June 2014, 7.30 p.m.

We are formed and shaped by what we love

Most people know about the three great Greek philosophers – Socrates, his student Plato, and Plato’s student Aristotle. But few know about Socrates’ teacher – a rural priestess, philosopher, and mentor by the name of Diotima. As Socrates reminisces in Plato’s Symposium, Diotima taught him about spirits, desire, and mystical ascent with acuity, wit and humour. Cautioning her young student that love is a powerful catalyst, she urged him to learn to love wisely – for we humans become what we love.

Dr. Ann Kerwin is a Philosopher, Reiki teacher and practitioner. She was for many years Philosopher-in- Residence at the University of Arizona Medical School in the US. Moving to New Zealand, Ann taught at AUT before (recently) retiring. She regularly speaks on Radio New Zealand’s Nights Programme on philosophy and philosophers.