Know Thyself – Be Thyself

       A Northern Region Event            

HPB School of the Wisdom


“Know Thyself – Be Thyself”


HPB Lodge Auckland is hosting an exciting new Foundation Course:  Know Thyself –  Be Thyselfdeveloped and presented by Dorothy Bell.

The Course is designed as a series of four (4) progressive indepth workshop weekends that allow for both enquiry into - and experiment with - key questions about life


Who am I? Where have I come from? Where am I going? What’s the purpose of my life on Earth?

How can I live my life better to achieve my purpose?


We shall be….

      • Identifying key ideas of a Theosophical Worldview to respond to these questions
      • Testing/working them into everyday living - seeing with the eyes of spirit
      • Exploring how our minds are programmed away from who we truly are
      • Recognizing our personal conditioned beliefs/emotions and seeing how they control our thoughts and reactions
      • Experimenting with ways of changing our existing patterns of thinking
      • Looking at ways of harmonizing our thoughts with Universal Laws
      • Strengthening inner Self with techniques of meditation & contemplation
      • Sharing the uniqueness of our journeys on the steep and thorny path


Our enquiry will utilise relevant primary source material from theosophical literature.

Pre-reading and homework (action research) activities will be part of the program.



Dates of weekends & times


Friday evening 7.30pm through to Sunday 12 noon 


              21 -23 February 2014           

                  25 - 27 April 2014

    6 - 8 June 2014

                 21 -23 November 2014


For more details:  See Programme


Flyer and Registration Form

Participants must register to attend the workshops.  You can download the registration form here:  Download



 Dorothy Bell joined the Theosophical Society in 1999. Her education career includes a Master's degree in Education, research, school consultancy and a Fulbright Scholarship to the US. She is also a trained counsellor and community mediator.  Dorothy has presented theosophical programmes and published articles internationally.  Her special interest is theosophical education and the psychology of spirituality.