Key to Theosophy

Theosophical Explorations - Key to Theosophy

This is a 10 week series where we explore the Key to Theosophy.

The Key to Theosophy is a popularbook by Helena Blavatsky first published in 1889 and still in print today, expounding the principles of theosophy in a readable question-and-answer manner. It covers Theosophy and the Theosophical Society, Nature of the Human Being, Life After Death, ReincarnationKama-Loka and Devachan, the Human Mind, Practical Theosophy and the Mahatmas.

Gandhi spoke of it thus in his autobiography "This book stimulated in me the desire to read books on Hinduism, and disabused me of the notion fostered by the missionaries that Hinduism was rife with superstition."

The series will cover:

  • Theosophy & the Theosophical Society
  • Exoteric and Esoteric Theosophy
  • The Working System of the TS
  • Relations of the Theosophical Society to Theosoph
  • Fundamental Teachings of Theosophy
  • Theosophical Teaching as to the Nature of the Human Being
  • On the various Post-Mortem States
  • On Reincarnation and Rebirth
  • On the Kama-Loka and Devacan

The sessions are held on Monday evenings at 7.30pm beginging on 30 June 2014.   All welcome.